In recent years, Turkey has unfortunately turned into a foreign Rail Transportation Vehicles heaven with 2036 vehicles of different brands of various countries including metros, light rail trains (LRT) and trams in 11 cities including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Eskiflehir, Adana, Kayseri, Konya, Antalya, Samsun and Gaziantep with the rapid investment projects in city transportation. The following are the origins, brands and numbers of the rail vehicles in our cities.

Cities and Number of Sets:

Istanbul- LRT, Metro, Tram : 1045
Ankara- LRT, Metro : 528
Izmir- LRT, Metro : 154
Bursa- LRT : 100
Eskiflehir- Tram : 24
Adana- LRT : 36
Kayseri- LRT : 38
Konya- Tram : 60
Antalya- Tram : 14
Samsun- Tram : 21
Gaziantep- Tram : 16

Total: 2036 Rail Transportation Vehicles

Considering from which countries and brands these vehicles were bought;

In Istanbul at M1 line 103 ABB/Switzerland, T1 line 55 Bombardier/Canada and 37 Alstom/ France vehicles, at M2 line 32 Alstom/France and 92 Hyundai Rotem /S.Korea vehicles, at M3 Line 80 Alstom/France, at M4 line 144 CAF/Spain, at T4 line 2 ABB, 32 KTA/ Sweden, 34 Hyundai Rotem, at F1 line 4 Garaventa/Austria, Nostalgic Tram Duewag/ Germany 13, Gotha Waggonbau (Bombardier)/Germany 3 vehicles, At Marmaray line; 424 Hyundai Rotem/S.Korea vehicles, In Ankara, at Sincan-Kayafl line 96 Hyundai Rotem/ S.Korea, at M1 line 108 Bombardier/Canada, 324 CSR/China, 33 Breda/Italy vehicles, In Bursa; 48 Siemens / Germany, 30 Bombardier vehicles, for the first time at T1 line, domestic and national production 6 ipekböce€i/Durmazlar, Adana, 36 Hyundai Rotem/S.Korea vehicles, In Eskiflehir; 24 Bombardier/Canada vehicles, Izmir; at Hatay-Evka line 45 ABB/Switzerland, 32 CSR/China, at Alia€a-Menderes line 77 LRT vehicles CAF/Spain, In Kayseri; 38 Ansaldo Breda Tram / Italy, In Konya; 90 German 2nd Hand trams and 60 new Scoda trams / Czech Republic, In Samsun; 16 Ansaldo Breda/ Italy and 5 CNR/ China, And in Antalya; 14 German origin 2nd hand vehicles….

Considering that the average vehicle price is about 3 million Euros, for 2036 vehicles, approximately 6.1 billion Euros were paid and the same amount is expected to be spent for spare parts and stock costs.

Considering that in 2013-2025, the number of needed city rail system vehicles is expected to rise to 7000, if we do not start domestic production, Turkey will become a scrapyard of foreign vehicles and given the spare part and stock cost of each different brand, a horrible waste expenditure item will be incurred. From 2013 to 2025, a resource of 20 to 22 billion Euros in total is expected to be spent on city rail system vehicles, and also, the cost of spare parts, stock and maintenance is expected to climb up to approximately 10 billion Euros.

In none of the developed country, such an unplanned waste is attempted. Each country has its brands and the production is carried out by these companies. For instance, Siemens in Germany, Alstom in France, Hyundai Rotem in S. Korea, CSR and CNR in China, Bombardier in Canada, ABB in Sweden and Switzerland, Skoda in Czech Republic, CAF in Spain, Ansaldo Breda in Italy make rail transportation vehicles and respective spare parts needed in their countries on their own, while brands of these various countries live the heaven in our cities and run wild all over the country.

All the money collected by the tax of our citizens has unfortunately transferred to these countries. Now it is high time we ended our waste and admiration for foreign brands.

Recently with the great efforts of the industrialists that are members of ARUS ( Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems ) clustering, we started to create our own brands.

Here is an example: İpekböceği Tram, manufactured by the great support of Durmazlar in Bursa and Mr. Recep Altepe, Mayor of Bursa and now serve on the streets of Bursa.

Another example: RTE and Istanbul Tram, manufactured by the great support of Mr. Kadir Topbafl, Mayor of Istanbul and Istanbul Transportation General Manager Mr. Ömer Yıldız and started to serve in Istanbul.

Another example: Bozankaya TCV Trambus, 10 TCV Trambuses made by the great support of Malatya Mayor Mr. Ahmet Çakır will start to serve in the next month.

Also, 30 tram tenders organized by Bozankaya Kayseri Municipality were won and the production is about the start.

Durmazlar is putting a great support to get the Tram tender for 38 vehicles organized by Izmir Municipality.

Our Municipalities started to require local content rate at tenders now and to support our industrialists.

The state now gives much importance to local content in the Public Tender Act.

As a result, it is high time that the state and the municipalities supported our industrialists and our brands at all tenders, stopped unnecessary admiration for foreign, the policy of rushing projects to the elections without a plan, and all the waste.

Here is İpekböceği, TCV Trambus and Tram, RTE and Istanbul Tram, the trams to be made in Kayseri and Izmir.

We need to support our brands and spread them all over the country so that our industrialists, workers, and engineers would take part in production. We should ensure the transfers of new technologies, let my country, my industrialists prosper, meet the current gap, avoid unemployment and create new areas of employment.

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