Cooperation between ARUS and the European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI)-Dr. İlhami Pektaş

ARUS became a member of ERCI, the European Railway Clusters Initiative in 2018. ARUS represents the Rail Systems Sector of Turkey in the Board Management of ERCI.

14 rail systems clusters including BTS Rail Saxony, I-Trans, CenSec, BahnTechnik, Mafex, Cluster Transport, Ditecfer, Järnvägsklustret, Logistics in Wallonia, Railalliance, Railgrup, Southern Railway Cluster, RCSEE – Rail Cluster for South-East Europe from 16 European countries including Turkey, Italy, Poland, France, England, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia gather under the roof ERCI.

ARUS and ERCI met in RAIL LIVE exhibition and congress affair held in Bilbao/Spain in March 2019 for the first time, which has supported the Turkish industrialists to enhance their network in Europe. During RAIL LIVE which was participated with stands by ARUS and other ERCI member clusters, Turkish companies had B2B meetings with the sector representatives operating in Europe, and they had made mutual negotiations with the managers of the rail system clusters of France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

In June 2019, with a consortium of 7 ERCI members including ARUS, we applied for conducting the Cosme Cluster Excellence Programme project to be funded by the EU. Among the hundreds of applications from around the world, a total of 10 projects to be approved, the Cosme Cluster Excellence Programme project of ARUS and ERCI was approved. Thus, ARUS took place among the special clusters succeeding in the project application. Within the scope of this project, which was accepted and will be financed by the European Union, the managers of ARUS will attend trainings, seminars and workshops in various European countries on easy access to European Union project funds, network development, cluster management and European Union Projects development. With this project to be carried out, our initiatives to open new doors to the members of ARUS in Europe will accelerate; and our companies will take place among the demanded companies in Europe and the world regarding the innovative technology thanks to the projects to be conducted.

Having participated in Trako in Poland on 24-27 September 2019 and EXPO Ferroviaria in Italy on 1-3 October 2019 with ERCI, ARUS developed bilateral business relations. ARUS participated in the clusters union meeting and the Innovation award ceremony in Milan. During these activities, the opportunities for us to take place in the projects Horizon 2020, Shift2Rail and Cosme with ERCI clusters and the clusters’ members were evaluated. A consortium was formed for ARUS members to take part in these projects and become an associated member of EU.

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