Battery-operated Tram Technology

Dr. Ilhami Pektaş

The new generation high-tech and nature-friendly battery-operated trams, produced with 100% Turkish engineering at Bozankaya’s production facilities in Sincan/Ankara, are 30 meters long, 100% low-floor, with a maximum speed of 70 km/h, a capacity of 200 passengers and the width of 2400 mm, and has the feature of being the world’s longest range with battery with 70km/h speed without being connected to the catenary network.

Bozankaya has developed the longest operating battery-powered tram in Europe, without being connected to a catenary, by adapting the company’s battery technology in battery vehicles and electric buses to trams.

In this project, minimum 63 km catenary-free drive is possible on the railway line with the lithium-ion high voltage battery integrated into the propulsion system of the tram. The battery-powered tram, which has the feature of dynamic charging on the catenary line, provides operational flexibility to the enterprises in the areas where the construction of poles, transformer centers and cable lines are difficult for the overhead line in urban tram lines. Thus, overhead line investment and maintenance costs are saved in certain parts of the line, too.

 It is the first tram that can travel at this range in the world

With its record for 63 kilometers distance, and Bozankaya is the only manufacturer for the vehicles with battery technology taking such a long distance in public transport systems in Europe. According to the specification, the tram can reach an average of 70 km, 77 km in tests and a maximum range of 100 km, even if it travels a minimum of 63 km without a catenary. This is the world’s first tram that can take such a long distance. Thanks to this innovative technology, Bozankaya draws great attention among rail system vehicle manufacturers both in Europe and in the world.

The tramway does not damage the nature, it travels with its battery without being connected to the electricity network

Battery-powered Trams provide significant savings to the enterprise by preventing visual pollution, electrical line construction and maintenance costs, as there is no need for catenary line investment in enterprises. Besides, it increases the efficiency of the vehicle with its regenerative braking energy recovery feature.

Nature-Friendly Domestic Tramways to Will Become New Export Goods for Turkey

Developed and tested, the nature-friendly domestic trams were sent off from Ankara for the first time to Timisoara, the third largest city of Romania. At the first stage, 21 battery-powered trams will be produced for Timisoara. Later, 16 trams with batteries will be exported to Iasi/Romania; thus, a total of 56 battery-powered trams will be exported to these 2 cities of Romania. With these projects, financed by the European Union, approximately 115 million Euros of foreign currency inflow will be provided to our country, while Turkey’s brand value will be introduced to the whole world with this advanced technology gained in the field of rail transportation.


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