Battery-Operated Tram Innovation Award

Dr. Ilhami Pektaş/ARUS Coordinator

Our member Bozankaya won the 7th Rail Systems Innovation Award at SIFER 2021, held in Lille/France on October 26, 2021 by ERCI, European Railway Clusters Initiative.

ERCI Innovation Awards are granted to the clusters that are members of ERCI, on the basis of their products and services’ innovative features, economic and social benefits for the railway sector, integration of new digital technologies, impact on human capital, creation of innovation in cooperation with private or public institutions.

With a high voltage battery integrated into the propulsion system of the 30-meter 100% low-floor Tram developed by Bozankaya, catenary-free driving can be achieved; thus, the Tram can travel 63 kilometers with lithium-ion batteries under normal operating conditions without the need for a catenary connection.

With the widespread use of electric vehicles in the transportation sector, there are very important innovations and developments in battery technology. Today, high-voltage battery technology in rail system vehicles is generally used for emergency driving at short distances of 1-2 kilometers or at stations within the scope of static applications. Battery-Operated Trams have dynamic charging feature on the catenary railway line. With the new technology developed by Bozankaya, the rail system vehicle with a lithium ion battery can travel 63 kilometers on a long-distance line without a catenary. This technology provides great convenience, especially in urban tram lines, in areas where pole, substation construction, cable line installation is difficult for overhead lines. Thus, overhead line investment and maintenance costs are saved in certain parts of the line, too.

Social Impacts in International Area

A Battery operated tram that can travel with a battery in rail systems and has a dynamic charging feature will come to the fore with its flexible operation feature in the cities where it is used, without the need for a catenary line, with minimum maintenance cost without creating visual pollution and with the advantage of maximum efficiency in regenerative braking energy recovery.

Competitive Advantage

Although the range of 63 kilometers is a record in Europe, there is no manufacturer in European countries for the vehicles having battery technology with such a long range in public transport systems. Thanks to this innovative technology, our member Bozankaya will draw attention and will have a special position among the rail system vehicle manufacturers.


The company was established in 1989 as an R&D company in Germany under the name of Bozankaya BCC Salzgitter. In 1997, the company was incorporated into GmbH structure. Since the company stepped into Turkey in 2003, it has become a much stronger brand in Turkey by building its investments on the knowledge gained by the R&D company over the years.

Bozankaya produced the first vehicle body in Ankara. In 2005, Bozankaya LLC Co. was established in the USA. In 2010, TVC Inc. was founded in Gebze/Turkey. In 2014, the company manufactured the first electric bus and trolleybus. In 2015, Bozankaya was established in Ankara/Turkey. In 2015, the company won the Company of the Year Award in Europe. In 2015, the R&D Center was established. In 2016, Bozankaya produced the “First Low-Floor Tram” for Kayseri. In 2018, for Bangkok, Bozankaya “manufactured and exported the first metro” in Turkey. In 2020, the company won the “Low Floor Tram” tender for Timişoara and Iiaşi in Romania. In 2020, Bozankaya won the tender of 15 trams for Antalya. In 2020, the company exported “Trolleybus” for Bucharest/Romania. In 2021, Bozankaya won the first driverless metro tender for 28 units to serve on Turkey’s Gebze-Darıca line. In 2021, the company won the tender for 26 Trams for Izmir/Turkey.

Having started its activities in Turkey with 20 employees, Bozankaya currently has approximately 1000 employees including 100 R&D engineers.

The new production center established on a 100,000 square meters of area in Sincan 1st Organized Industrial Zone was designed and put into service specifically for the production of the rail system vehicles such as metros and trams and electric commercial vehicles such as trambus and electric buses. Domestically designed vehicles produced in these facilities still successfully serve their passengers in Turkey, Europe and Asia.

Bozankaya is titled as the producer of the first domestic 100 % electric bus in Turkey.

Studies in production centers are carried out on the axis of R&D. Bozankaya conducted 24 significant R&D projects with a budget of 25 million Euros between 2012 and 2017. The studies carried out in the R&D Center offers domestic solutions to Turkey’s public transportation needs, helps to keep the country’s resources within the country’s economy with import-substitute products, supports the manufacturing of high value-added export products delivered to all over the world.

I congratulate Bozankaya, which was deemed worthy of the European Innovation Award with the Battery-Operated Tram Project, and wish the company’s success to continue.


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