In our country, since 1994, with the fast investment projects given to intercity transportation, being ‹stanbul in the first place, total 11 provinces of us including Ankara, ‹zmir, Bursa, Eskiflehir, Adana, Kayseri, Konya, Antalya, Samsun and Gaziantep, Metro, Light Rail Trams (LRT) and Tramway vehicles are being used. For this towns of us, about 2.400 ea. of vehicles in 14 different brands like, Siemens, Alstom, Bombardier, Hyundai Rotem, ABB, CAF, Ansaldo Breda, Skoda, CSR, CNR, Mitsubishi, Rotterdam SG2, MAN Düewag, V.Gotha have been purchased from 12 different countries. The currency loss, spare parts, inventory costs, wormanship and extra costs because of these, our contry became foreign-dependent entirely.

The present situation of the rail transportation vehicles have been purchased since 1994 has been summarized in table given down below.

Table 1. Rail Transportation Vehicles, Line, Origin and Numbers in our Country


Kızılay – Batıkent : Bombardier (108) and CSR (324) Metro (51%): 432

Taksim – Osmanbey Metro Vehicle : Hyundai Rothem (68) Metro Vehicles (40% domestic contribution): 68
Üsküdar – Ümraniye : Mitsubishi and CAF Metro Vehicles (15% domestic contribution): 126

Mecidiyeköy – Mahmutbey : CNR (300) Metro Vehicles (50% domestic contribution): 300
Kirazlı – Baflakflehir : Alstom (96) Metro Vehicles: 96

Taksim – Osmanbey Metro Vehicle : Alstom (32) Hyundai Rothem (92): 124

Kadıköy – Kartal : CAF (144) Metro Vehicles: 144
Marmaray : Hyundai Rothem (440) EMU: 440
Baflkentray : Hyundai Rothem (96) EMU: 96

Ali A€a – Menderes : CAF (99) and Hyundai Rothem (120) EMU: 219

Adana : Hyundai Rothem (36) Metro Vehicles: 36
İzmir : ABB (45), CSR (32), CNR (85) Metro Vehicles: 162

Bursa : Siemens (48), Bombardier (30): 78

Eskişehir : Bombardier (33) Tramway: 33

Kayseri : Ansaldo Breda (38) Tramway: 38

Konya : Skoda (60) ve Duevag (60) Tramway: 120
Konya : Skoda (60) and Duevag (60) Tramway
Samsun : Ansaldo Breda (16) Tramway: 16

Antalya : CAF (14) Tramway: 14

Gaziantep : Alstom (28) Tramway: 28

Total Number of Vehicles : 2.566

In order to prevent the foreign vehicle dependence of our country, ARUS, started its first domestic production strruggle on the date of March 5, 2012, by making inserted the provision of 51% domestic contribution into the tender specifications of the tender has been put in Ankara for 324 metro vehicles where CSR Electric Locomotive company won, and since the date of this historical decision which was admitted as the milestone in our country, in the tenders initiated for rail transportation vehicles, the level of domestic contribution increased to 60% and widespead countrywide.

Here, the best examples of this;

In the tender made by Bursa Metropolitan Municipalty for 6 ea. of tramway, on the date of 10.04.2013 and won by our Durmazlar company, produced in condition that 47% rate of domestic contribution, our national brand, ‹pekböce€i (Silkworm), today successfully provides services on Bursa T1 line.

In the tender made by Malatya Municipalty for 10 ea. of TCV Trambus vehicle, on the date of 21.06.2013 and won by Bozankaya company, produced with 50% domestic contribution, and started to provide services in Malatya, and with 10 ea. of more orders, the numbers increased to 20.

The first production of national brand ‹stanbul tramway designed by ‹stanbul Ulaflım, have been materialized on the date of 20.01.2014 after tests have successfully been completed, the rate of domestic contribution increased to 60% and 18 ea. of tramways started to provide services on the tracks.

In the production of 30 ea. of Tramway vehicles tendered by Kayseri Municipality on the date of 14.04.2014, provided that at least 35% domestic contribution and won by Bozankaya company of us, the domestic contribution share increased to 50%. Vehicles will start to provide service in May 2016.

In the tender for 68 each of Metro Vehicles to be put into service on ‹stanbul Hacı Osman-Yenikapı Rail Public Transportation System, made on the date of 18.09.2014 it was stipulated 40% domestic contribution provision and Hyundai EURotem company has won this tender.

In the tender which will be lodged by ‹stanbul Municipality for Mecidiyeköy-Kabatafl-Mahmutbey line, for 300 metro vehicles that will be purchased, it was stipulated that, for the first 150 each of metro vehicles 40%, and for the second 150 each of them 50% domestic contribution and also it was decided that, for all the tenders will be made by municipality from now on, 60% domestic contribution condition will be set.

The tender initiated by Bursa Municipality on the date of 23.02.2015, with the provision of 60% domestic contribution, for 60 ea. of Light Rail Metro (LRT) and 12 ea. of tramway has been won by Durmazlar company of us, and therefore, as of today the rate of domestic contribution into Rail Transportation Systems reached to the level of 60%

On the date of 21.07.2015, Kocaeli Sekapark – Otogar (Coach Station) Tram Line Project, tender for 12 ea. of tramway vehicle purchase, has been won by Durmazlar company in condition that 60% domestic contribution.

On the date of 04.08.2015, Eskiflehir and on the date of 26.08.2015, Konya Municipalities E-Bus tenders have been won by Bozankaya company in condition that 60% domestic contribution.

Antalya II. Phase Rail System vehicles, 18 ea. of tramway tender made on the date of 25.09.2015, has been won by Hyundai EURotem company in condition that 60% domestic contribution.

The tender made on the date of 01.10.2015 within the scope of Samsun Municipality “Gar-Tekkeköy Light Rail System Line Project”, again has been won by Durmazlar company in condition that 60% domestic contribution.

Being inspired by these developments, at least 53% domestic contribution provision for high-speed trains has been stipulated by our honorable Minister of Transportation, and this decision became a milestone in our country for high-speed trains comprising high technology.

Domestic Goods Comminique published on Official Gazette on the date of September 13, 2014, and Industrial Cooperation Program (Offset) Regulation published on Official Gazette on the date of February 15, 2015, hat both have been greatly supported by ARUS, in fact revolution was made in domestic production and state policy by taking into effect.

ARUS, with its all members took an important and active roles in National High-Speed Train, National Passenger Train and National Cargo Train projects.

Our National Brands could never be issued in automotive sector, today, in Rail Transportation Systems started to be produced one by one from design to final produc and provide services on the rails.

Here; ‹pekböce€i Tramway/Bursa, İstanbul brand tramway/‹stanbul, Green City brand light rail vehicle/Bursa, Kayseri Tramway, Electric TCV Trambus/Malatya, Kocaeli, Samsun and Antalya Tramways, National electric locomotive E1000.

In Tablo.2 given down below, domestic and national brands are shown.


İstanbul LRT Line : İstanbul Ulaflım (Localization 60%) İstanbul Brand : 18
Bursa Tram Line : Durmazlar (Localization 60%) İpekböceği : 20

BBursa LRT Line : Durmazlar (Localization 60%) Green City : 60

Kayseri Tram Line : Bozankaya (Localization 50%) Kayseri Brand : 30

Kocaeli Tram Line : Durmazlar (Localization 60%) ‹pekböce€i Brand : 12

Samsun Tram Line : Durmazlar (Localization 60%) ‹pekböce€i Brand : 8

Malatya Trambus Line : Bozankaya (Localization 50%) TCV Brand : 20

‹zmir Tram Line : Hyundai Eurotem (Localization 48%)

Antalya Tram Line : Hyundai Eurotem (Localization 60%) : 18

TOTAL : 224 ea. vehicles

As it is seen, as the result of untiring efforts of ARUS, the struggle of domestic and national brand starting as of Ankara metro tender, by courtesy of our member industrialist’s strong belief, create a great revolution on rail transportation systems within last 3 years and ARUS companies won 224 Rail Transportation Vehicle Tender until today.

When our need for inner-city and intercity Rail Transportation
Vehicles until 2023 considered;

Metro and LRT vehicles : 7000 each,
High-Speed Train sets : 106 each,
Diesel locomotive : 350 each,
Electric Locomotive : 230 each,
Suburban sets : 500 each,
DMU train sets : 350 each,
Cargo Carriages : 49,000 each,
Passenger Carriages : 600 each.

The total purchasing price of all these rail transportation vehicles needed is about 20 billion Euro.

Being ARUS, we apply for the production of all these vehicles as domestic and national brands.

The extraordinary success performed by our industrialists is the assurance of what they do till the year of 2023.

Because, we believe that, the only development model to save our country is:

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