Türkiye’s leading company in the field of transportation technologies, Bozankaya celebrates its 33rd anniversary in the production of electric buses, trolleybuses, trams and metro vehicles, which are new generation, environmentally friendly and 100% domestic engineering products designed and licensed by the company. Bozankaya develops and produces new generation vehicles that do not harm the environment, save energy and work without noise by offering the most ideal solutions in terms of investment and operating costs in urban public transportation.

Establishment and Field of Activity

Established as an R&D company in Germany in 1989, Bozankaya came to Türkiye in 2003 with the vision of being an innovative company that offers the most ideal solutions in terms of investment and operating costs in public transportation, and it has become one of the leading brands in the field of transportation technologies of our country by designing and producing environmentally friendly, energy saving, new generation, sustainable and silent electric bus and rail system vehicles with 100% Turkish engineering thanks to the company’s experience and knowledge gained over years. Having started the activities in Türkiye with 20 employees, Bozankaya currently employs 150 R&D engineers and approximately 1200 employees.

In the company’s production center established on an area of 100,000 m2 at Ankara Sincan 1st Organized Industrial Zone, Bozankaya designs and manufactures new generation rail system vehicles such as electric buses, trolleybuses, trams and metros developed with 100% domestic and national human resource and capital whose intellectual property rights belong to the company. Domestically designed vehicles produced in these facilities are used both in our country and in Europe and Asia, and provide services with superior satisfaction and high performance in terms of passenger safety and comfort.

Ecological, Economical, Sustainable Transportation

The principle of sustainability underlies all design and production activities of Bozankaya. One of the significant causes of air pollution is the widespread transportation methods provided by fossil fuels. All scientific studies show that the transportation industry should turn to electricity-operated sustainable technologies and green transportation methods in order to prevent the growing climate crisis and global warming, to minimize carbon emissions into the atmosphere, to protect and produce resources that will meet our future needs.

Groundbreaking Solutions in Technology

One of the leading brands of domestic and national production mobilization in science, technology and industry, Bozankaya leads the way both in our country and in the world, proudly increasing the global value of this Turkish brand in the field of technology.

Bozankaya’s Groundbreaking Activities

* Türkiye’s first domestic 100% electric bus design and production,

* Türkiye’s first domestic low-floor tram and bogie design,

* Türkiye’s first metro export and first driverless domestic metro,

* Türkiye’s first battery-driven low-floor tram design and production,

* Türkiye’s largest and modern rail system production facility with an investment of 70 million Euros,

* Europe’s largest and the world’s 3rd largest rail system paint shop,

* The world’s longest battery range tram and innovation award in Europe.

Bozankaya’s production facilities are Türkiye’s first and only facility that produces both rail systems and electric buses, and operates with an annual production capacity of 288 rail system vehicles. The annual production capacity in these facilities is 400 pieces per year for domestic and international use, including electric buses. Bozankaya has been involved in over 3000 rail system vehicle supply projects so far.

R&D Studies

Studies in production centers are carried out on the axis of R&D. from 2012 to 2022, Bozankaya completed 33 R&D projects; 13 of which were supported by TUBITAK, 1 by TTGV and 19 by equity.  7 R&D projects are still ongoing. Among the existing projects, 6 are equity and 1 is a HORIZON 2020 (EU) project. In addition to these projects, 3 new HORIZON 2020 projects are in the evaluation process. While the total budget allocated by Bozankaya to TUBITAK incentive R&D projects has been approximately 70 million TL since 2015, the total turnover obtained from new products as a result of these R&D projects has been much higher. Within the scope of the R&D projects, Bozankaya has cooperated with 15 universities and conducted studies with 26 academics; and has contributed to the strengthening of the relationship between universities and industry, scientific and technological development, and the convergence and inclusion of academics and young individuals to the sector.

Existing R&D activities of Bozankaya include projects such as integration of autonomous public transportation vehicles, electric buses and trolleybuses into the existing public transportation network and development of a new generation charger for electric vehicles and rail systems.

Partnerships with World Giants

Bozankaya carries out joint global projects with world giants as well. In 2016, Bozankaya established a consortium partnership with Siemens, produced and successfully delivered 88 metro vehicles for the Thailand-Bangkok metro -Bangkok Green Line Metro Project. Bozankaya took part in the Bangkok Blue-Line project of 105 metro cars, and provided a foreign exchange inflow of nearly 70 million Euros to our country with a single project. Bozankaya conducted international projects and still have ongoing cooperation with Germany-based commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN, Canada-based rail system vehicle manufacturer Bombardier and France-based Alstom.

The Best and Most Innovative Company in Europe

In 2015, Bozankaya was selected as the “Best Company in Europe” in the Excellence Awards of Frost & Sullivan, a US-based market research and consultancy company that gives the world’s most prestigious business awards. Bozankaya won the ‘’Best Innotative Large Enterprise Award’’ with the company’s battery-powered tram with the world’s highest technology at the 2021 Innovation Awards of the European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI), the largest and most prestigious institution in the field of rail system technologies in Europe, headquartered in Berlin.

Export to Europe and the World Record

Electric buses with Bozankaya signature provide services in public transportation in European countries including Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, while trams and other rail system vehicles are exported mainly to Romania within the scope of projects supported by the EU funds. In this sense, Bozankaya signed a contract to deliver a total of 56 tram fleets to Timisoara and Iași, Romania. Bozankaya has provided over 300 million Euros inflow to our country with the projects signed from 2019 to 2022. The tram delivered to Timisoara/Romania by Bozankaya broke a world record as the vehicle with the longest battery-powered range in its category, with its ability to operate 70 kilometers without connecting to the catenary line.

Bozankaya in Public Transportation

Winning all the electric bus tenders in our country by fulfilling all the compelling tender conditions, Bozankaya manufactures environmentally friendly electric buses serving in public transportation in Ankara, Konya, Elazig, Kayseri, Malatya (trolleybus), Manisa, İzmir and Eskisehir. The required agreements have been signed with Kayseri Municipality and Antalya Municipality for Bozankaya’s electric trams to join the public transportation network. Having won the tender for Kocaeli-Gebze metro line and signed a contract for Türkiye’s first driverless metro of 28 vehicles, Bozankaya is proud of being the company to implement the first domestic metro project in our country. Constantly improving the brand value of our country and our domestic production worldwide with its sustainable, environmentally friendly, new generation vehicles produced with over 30 years of R&D experience in commercial vehicle production, advanced domestic technology and national resources, Bozankaya also contributes to the economic development of our country at the maximum level thanks to its exports.

New Generation Products

Electric Bus

Making urban public transportation as quiet and clean as possible, Bozankaya electric buses provide passengers with high comfort, protect micro climates and reduce air pollution. Keeping the noise emissions at the lowest possible level and improving the quality of life in the regions they serve, Bozankaya electric buses offer the capacity from 75 to 232 passengers. In addition, the vehicles can cover up to 300 kilometers of distance with a single battery filling.

Bozankaya Trolleybus (Trambus)

As the new public transportation vehicle of the modern age with the transport capacity up to 221 passengers, the electric-powered Bozankaya trolleybus (trambus) is economical and environmentally friendly regarding the energy consumption, and leads the way in its area with zero emission and low infrastructure costs.

Bozankaya Tram

Featuring with the high passenger capacity, low energy consumption, zero emission and modular design, Bozankaya trams not only offer a comfortable and safe journey experience to the driver and the passengers with the bogie design minimising the vibration and noise but also avoid harming the environment. Having the transportation capacity up to 300 passengers, Bozankaya tram travels the longest recorded distance in the world, up to 70 kilometers, with its battery.

Bozankaya Metro

With the capacity of 1150 passengers, Bozankaya metro transports over 1 million passengers per day with its design offering maximum comfort, security and function together.

Ongoing Projects and New Investments

Bozankaya’s current domestic projects include Gebze-Darıca metro, Antalya, Kayseri tram project, Şanlıurfa trolleybus (turnkey) projects and İzmir tram project, and internationally there is a project of 56 tram vehicles to be delivered to Timisoara and Iaşi cities in Romania by the end of 2022.

Bozankaya’s Goal

To register its name in the transportation system both in our country and all over the world with the national brands designed by Turkish engineers, thus becoming one of the first companies that comes to mind in electric bus and rail systems.

As a brand giving life to domestic and national production Bozankaya will be participating in Innotrans Berlin 2022, the world’s largest and most prestigious exhibition in the field of rail system transportation technologies. Bozankaya is very proud and happy to represent its brand in the same arena with the world giants with the company’s tram vehicle which reaches a range of approximately 70 km without connecting to the catenary line and has won the title of the most innovative battery tram in Europe.